Standard Attire Guidelines

    1. Students may wear red, black, gray, or white polo shirts. (these are a knit shirt with a collar.) Shirts must be tucked in at all times.  Pants, skirts, capris, shorts, or jumpers should be khaki or black and must not be shorter than 3 inches above the knee. Pants should not be “jeans.” Shirts and pants should display no logos or name brands. No cargo style pants, no cargo style shorts, or no cargo style capris are to be worn. (Pants  that have tailored pockets on the sides, may be worn.) Please wear shorts under skirts and dresses.  We have PE everyday.
    2. Dresses are available that look like a long polo shirt. Sometimes they look like a polo shirt with an attached skirt of the same color and fabric. These are acceptable as long as they have a cap sleeve (or longer) and are no more than three inches above the knee.
    3. When the weather is cold, students may wear red, black, gray or white turtle neck tops with long sleeves or a round or v-neck long sleeve top under the polo. NOTE: any undershirt must be black, white, or red. No exceptions!
    4. Sweaters without hoods (sweatshirt, pull over, or cardigan) worn as a top garment must be in standard red, black gray or white, without a name brand or logo.
    5. All outerwear (including hoodies) worn to school may be any color, but they must be removed while students are inside the building. Students may not wear sweaters with hoods in the building. They need to put them up when they arrive in their rooms. Extra large, oversized coats with numerous pockets are not acceptable.
    6. Except in kindergarten, traditional style belts are required when belt loops are on pants, capris, shorts, or skirts. Beltless pants should look like they came that way from the store. If it looks like the student took a pair of scissors and snipped the loops off the pants, they won’t be accepted as beltless pants. Belts should be brown or black and have no designs on them. When in doubt about whether or not a belt is acceptable, check with your child’s teacher before removing the tags.
    7. Bandanas, head scarves, hats, or hoods are unacceptable and should not be worn while students are at school.

    8.    Students must wear athletic shoes and solid school colored socks of black, white, red or gray on a daily basis. The tights, leggings and hose must be solid colored - black,white, red or gray.

     Sandals, Flip-flops,Sperry’s, Toms and Topsiders are not allowed – No EXCEPTIONS!

    1. Any distracting hair styles (including Mohawks or Faux-hawks or hair with designs cut into it, hair colors, piercings, eyebrow shaving, or accessories that may cause a distraction to learning) are prohibited.
    2. Only minimal jewelry is allowed. Small stud type earrings (no loops) or a drop necklace will be allowed. No dangling bracelets, big chunky necklaces, big earrings, or scarves may be worn. NO rubber bracelets or slap bracelets.
    3. Students may wear a College shirt, Bowie spirit shirt or Lee/MHS T-shirt on Fridays with jeans. A belt (not Kindergarten students) and tennis shoes are still required everyday.