• Library Expectations


    General Expectations
    The library is a part of Midland Freshman. All school dress code and behavior policies apply, including:
    • no jackets, coats, or hooded jackets/sweaters
    • no gum, candy, food, or drinks
    • not using cell phones, MP3 players or other electronic devices.
    Respect for school property is expected.
    Courtesy to staff and other students is expected at all times.
    Using the Library During School Hours
    Students who come to the library independently must have a library pass.
    Students should have an academic purpose for being in the library.
    Students should sign in and out of the library.
    No more than two students should sit at a table.
    Students should return to class as soon as assignments are complete.
    Checking Out Library Materials
    Students may check out 3 items.

    Books, with the exception of reference and reserve materials, are checked
    out for a period of two weeks and may be renewed by bringing the item
    back to the library and requesting renewal at the Circulation Desk.

    Reference materials are checked out overnight only and may not be renewed.
    Magazines are available for use in the library.
    Fines and Collection
    General collection items            10¢ per day
    Reference materials                   70¢ per day
    Fines do not accrue on days when the library is closed.
    Fines for damaged materials will be assessed at the library paraprofessional's discretion.
    Patrons with fines and/or overdue items may not be allowed to check out additional materials.
    It is the student's responsibility to take care of library obligations.