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    Program Objectives

    ·         Emphasis on changing people’s habits rather than purchasing new equipment.

    ·         Maintaining comfort; however, ensuring everything is off when not being used.

    ·         Optimizing the efficiency of our energy systems. (Getting the most for our money!)

    The energy specialists will visit every school and school district property during all hours of the day and night to determine where energy – and money – can be saved. They will be looking at everything, including:

    ·         Lighting

    ·         HVAC

    ·         Water

    ·         Occupancy Patterns

    ·         Athletic Programs

    ·         Little, tiny LED lights on your speakers and VCR/DVDs, document cameras, printers, and monitors.



    Should you turn the lights off every time you leave the room?  
    What do you think?
    Click below to read an article about lighting from the Mythbusters Tv show.
     Midland ISD partners with Cenergistic  for a dynamic Energy Program, for more info on Cenergistic click on the link:
    http://www.youtube.com/user/Cenergistic                    Cen
    The Energy Management Department monitors all energy and utility usage.  Most of the district's buildings currently are controlled by energy management.  The district has an ongoing schedule to install and upgrade energy management equipment district wide with an overall goal to reduce electricity, water and gas use for the district while maintaining classroom comfort.
    Thank you for supporting the Midland ISD Energy Program!
    EMS Office
    801 S. Moran
    Midland, Tx, 79701
     House Bill 3693 80th Legislature
    "School districts and TEA are required to establish a goal to reduce annual electric consumption by five percent each state fiscal year for six years beginning September 1, 2007.  School districts and TEA are required to record electricity, water, and natural gas consumption in an electronic repository and report this information on a publicly accessible Internet website with an interface designed for ease of navigation." 
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    Please click the link below to register your meter at home and track your energy usage. 

     smart meter   meter

     https://form.jotform.com/72884615674166 Wes Form