• Midland ISD Police Department

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    The Midland ISD Police Department was established in 1989 by approval of the Board of Trustees. The police department commissions fully authorized peace officers with full arrest authority within the State of Texas under Texas Education Code (TEC) section 37.081. These School District Police Officers' primary responsibility is the safety and security of all students, faculty members, and persons who visit district campuses on a daily basis. School District Police Officers investigate criminal offenses occurring on campuses, and assist campus administrators with safety and security concerns as needed. The police department is commanded by the Chief of Police who reports directly to the superintendent of the district.

    In addition to School District Police Officers physically policing Midland ISD campuses, the district also incorporates electronic access control features at all facilities, as well as camera surveillance technology. These devices are specifically focused in a manner that maximizes their capability of controlling access to campuses, while also visually monitoring what goes on at them.

    As additional protection for students, visitors to campuses are screened through a RAPTOR visitor management system which alerts staff and School District Police Officers to potential areas of concern regarding visitor's backgrounds. RAPTOR is primarily geared towards quickly identifying individuals who are registered sex offenders, but can be utilized for other more specific identification of persons restricted from access to students as well.

    The police department also utilizes a well-trained K-9 drug dog and School District Officer handler to maintain campus learning environments which are relatively free from drug activity.
    The Midland ISD Police Department encourages the public to contact us at 432-240-1050 if you need to report matters of concern regarding the safety and security of all campuses.

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