• What is Collegiate and Year 2030 Prep? 

    The college preparatory model instills the expectation from the first day on campus that every student will go to college. College prep classroom instruction is rigorous, and student academic growth is a priority.  Our school has high expectations for student academic performance and habits of success.  A college-going culture is enhanced by exposure to university campuses and confidence-building experiences that inform parent and student expectations of college. 

    What is meant by Year 2030 Prep?

    To be successful in the Year 2030 workplace and world, students will have to gain proficiency in new skills such as information literacy, problem solving, critical thinking, communications, and learning how to learn.  Our scholars will be introduced to these skill areas in 2nd grade and take an “Art of Thinking” class that covers these competencies every day from 3rd grade forward.  Students will also be required to engage in labs, sponsored trips out of state, public service hours, problem-solving projects, and many other experiences during their time at Sam Houston.

    What are the expectations for a Collegiate Prep scholar?

    Follow the Habits of Success

    • Be at school and on time
    • Be respectful of others
    • Take responsibility for your actions
    • Persevere
    • Strive for accuracy
    • Do your best work all the time
    • Engage positively
    • Maintain a grade of 70 or above in all classes
    • Maintain a 96% attendance rate
    • Participate in class
    • Do one’s homework
    • Be nice and show empathy
    • Follow the dress code at Sam Collegiate
    • Complete the “Dyad” requirements

    What are the expectations for a Sam Collegiate and Year 2030 Prep parent?

    • Encourage their scholar(s) to achieve academically
    • Maintain regular contact with the Professor(s)
    • Maintain and support your scholar with attendance and dress code expectations
    • Become involved in the activities of the Sam Collegiate and Year 2030 Prep

    Sam Houston Collegiate and Year 2030 Prep Contract

    By signing this contract, if chosen for this Collegiate school placement, you are agreeing to abide by these standards and responsibilities involved in the SHCP School of Choice. Please review this contract so that you and your scholar are fully aware of what is expected of every Collegiate Prep scholar.

    Scholar Goals:

    • Academic success in elementary, middle, and high school college preparatory classes.
    • Completion of the Dyad requirements.
    • Successful completion of elementary, middle, and high school college eligibility requirements.
    • Enrollment in four-year college or university after high school graduation.

    Scholar Agreement:

    I agree to accept enrollment into the Sam Houston Collegiate and Year 2030 Prep, which will offer academic support to me. I want to succeed, and I understand I must take individual responsibility for my own success. I understand that in order to give fair consideration to my involvement with the school, I must commit to remaining engaged in the School’s programs throughout the year and that I will be allowed to remain at the School only if I meet the scholar responsibilities outlined above. 

    Sam Houston Collegiate and Year 2030 Prep application permission form

    The scholar listed below is applying for entrance into the Sam Houston Collegiate and Year 2030 Prep program.  Part of the application process is the viewing of the scholar’s discipline and attendance records to check for excessive attendance and behavioral issues.

    If you have any questions, please email Melissa Ware at melissa.ware@midlandisd.net or call 432-240-1270.

    The Vice Chancellor will use the following survey:

    • Has this scholar received any referrals this year?
    • How many referrals have been received?
    • How many tardy, dress code, Cowboy Essential violations has the scholar received?
    • How many excused absences has the scholar received?
    • How many unexcused absences has the scholar received?
    • Student Name/ID Number/Grade Level