• School Supply List 2022-23


    3 boxes crayons, 24 count (Crayola)

    1 box Ticonderoga pencils

    1 box fat‐tip markers (Crayola)

    1 box skinny markers (Crayola)

    1 package Expo Dry Erase markers, chisel tip – red,blue,black

    1 package skinny Expo Dry Erase markers – black only

    1 pair of Fiskars scissors

    1 Sterilite plastic pencil box

    2 boxes facial tissue (Kleenex, Puffs)

    1 bottle hand sanitizer

    12 glue sticks

    2 spiral notebooks, one subject (solid colored)

    1 Primary Journal 1/2 inch rule--picture story composition notebook (available at Mardels)

    1 1‐inch black binder (with inside pockets AND clear front pocket)

    1 large pink eraser

    4 containers disinfecting wipes (Lysol, Clorox)

    1 can Lysol disinfectant spray

    1 set of watercolor paints

    1 package of baby wipes (needed but not required)

    1 pair of kids headphones 

    For Art Class: 24 count crayons, kid friendly scissors, bottle of glue (supplies will be kept in the art room) 

    **All supplies MUST be labeled with your child’s name**

    **Some supplies may be need to be replenished as the year progresses**

    1st Grade

    2 Composition Notebooks (No spirals)

    12 glue sticks

    3 packages #2 pencils, Ticonderoga plain yellow

    2 pair of scissors

    4 boxes of crayons, 24 count (Crayola)

    1 small pencil box

    2 pink pearl erasers

    1 package Dry Erase Markers - 4 or more

    1 9”x 12” dry erase board - with a hard back

    1 boxes facial tissue (Kleenex, Puffs)

    2 containers disinfecting wipes (Lysol, Clorox)

    1 red plastic folder with pockets and brads

    1 pair of headphones (please no ear buds)

    1 Heavy duty zipper supply pouch

    1 box gallon freezer Ziplocks (boys)

    1 box sandwich or snack Ziplocks (girls)

    Art Class supplies: 12 count colored pencils kid friendly scissors, glue stick, ruler (supplies kept in the art room)

    2nd Grade

    2 boxes crayons, 24 count (Crayola)

    1 box Crayola markers

    1 box, 12 count colored pencils

    4 packages, 12 count #2 pencils, Ticonderoga plain yellow (pre sharpened is very helpful)

    4 packages Expo Dry Erase markers – black only

    1 9”x 12” dry erase board - with a hard back

    4 composition notebooks (wide ruled)

    5 folders with pockets and brads (1 yellow, 1 red, 1 blue, 1 purple, 1 green)

    1 pair scissors

    24 glue sticks

    1 ruler, inches and centimeters, PLAIN wood only

    3 bottles (any size) hand sanitizer

    2 boxes facial tissue (Kleenex, Puffs)

    1 1-inch, 3-ring binder (no larger)

    1 container for school supplies that will fit inside the desk

    4 containers of Clorox wipes

    1 package of plastic sheet protectors

    2 box pink erasers

    1 pair of headphones, no earbuds

    1 can Lysol spray

    1 wireless mouse (optional)

    Art Class supplies: 1 box of markers, kid friendly scissors, glue stick, ruler, 2 packages of black sharpies (supplies kept in the art room)

    3rd Grade

    1 ruler, inches and centimeters

    4 packages #2 pencils, Ticonderoga plain yellow, 12 count

    4 pink pearl erasers

    8 small Elmer’s glue sticks

    1 box crayons, 24 count (Crayola)

    1 package colored pencils, 12 count

    1 box markers, 8 count

    2 box Dry Erase markers, low odor

    1 small Dry Erase board, 8 ½” x 11”

    1 pair Fiskars scissors, 5” sharp

    Plastic school supply box

    1 3-subject wide ruled spiral notebook (plastic cover)

    2 1-subject, wide rules spiral notebook

    2 plastic folders with pockets: red, blue

    2 pads Post-it Notes, 3” x 3”, 90-100 sheets per pad

    4 boxes facial tissue (Kleenex, Puffs)

    2 containers disinfecting wipes (Lysol, Clorox)

    1 box Ziploc quart size bags – Girls

    1 box Ziploc gallon size bags – Boys

    2 bottles hand sanitizer

    1 subject, wide-ruled spiral notebook

    1 pair of headphones to be left at school

    Art Class Supplies: box of markers (8 or more count), kid friendly scissors, glue stick and ruler, 1 box gallon Ziplock bags


    4th Grade

    1 pair of scissors 

    2 bottles of Elmer’s Glue 

    2 glue sticks 

    5 Composition notebooks 

    1 pack of Paper Mate Flair Pens (5 or 8 count) 

    1 package of colored pencils 

    3 plastic folders with brads

    2 plastic folders with brads, blue, green

    1 supply box or bag 

    1 pack of markers 

    5 composition notebooks (100 wide-ruled pages each) - NO SPIRAL BOUND 

    1 package of pre sharpened pencils

    1 package of cap erasers 

    1 boxes of tissues 

    1 containers of disinfecting wipes (girls only)

    1 Can Lysol spray (boys only)

    2 package of dry erase markers

    2 package of index cards 

    1 box of crayons

    1 bottle of hand sanitizer

    1 set of headphones 

    1 small drawstring backpack

    AA batteries (Optional) 


    5th Grade


    Classroom Supplies (collected by teacher on First Day of School)

    3 containers disinfecting wipes (Clorox or Lysol preferred)

    1 can of Lysol disinfectant spray

    1 bottle Purell/GermX Hand Sanitizer

    2 boxes facial tissue (Kleenex, Puffs)

    1 package Expo dry erase markers

    3 packages pencils (Ticonderoga, 12 count)

    12 glue sticks

    1 package of Post it notes

    1 box colored pencils


    Personal Supplies (organized by student on First Day of School) 

    1- 3" inch zip up binder with straps

    12 mechanical pencils 

    1 box of crayons 24 count

    1 box markers 8-10 count

    1 package of Flair pens

    2 Highliters

    1 pair of scissors

    2 Plastic folders with brads (green, red)

    3-100 page composition notebooks

    1 plastic supply box

    1 1inch 3 ring binder with clear front pocket

    1 package 5 tab plastic dividers with pockets

    1 pencil bag for binder

    earbuds (Aux, no bluethooth)

    Wireless mouse (optional)




    6th Grade

    5 composition notebooks (wide ruled 100 pages)

    2 box colored pencils

    6 Glue sticks

    4 packages of pens

    20 Expo markers


    2 pocket folders

    2 highlighters

    2 packs notebook paper

    Kleenex 4 boxes

    Colorox wipes 4 containers

    Wireless mouse (optional)

    Headphone (No wireless earbuds)

    Zipper pouch for supplies

    24 pencils

    1 package colored copy paper

    2 handheld pencil sharpeners