• Welcome to Athletics

    The primary purpose of an athletic program should be the fostering and development of young boys and girls. All policies, objectives, relationships and activities shall be governed by this student-centered philosophy. Everything we do shall be in the best interest of our young people.

    Participation in athletics develops the bodies and minds of students to a greater level of efficiency. In addition, it gives self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment and belonging. Leadership qualities are discovered and enhanced through athletics. Athletics also provides for competition. Competition is an essential part of life. Human nature is competitive and in all aspects of life, people compete. Therefore, we should teach our young people how to compete with pride, respect, morals, and a positive attitude. It is the goal of this athletic program to offer the opportunity of participation to every student who has the ability and desire to do so. However, no student is obligated to take part in athletics, nor is this required for graduation. It is also stressed that participation in Midland ISD’s athletic program is a privilege, not a right. Since it is a privilege, the coach has the authority to revoke the privilege when rules are not followed.

    It must be understood that a good athletic program must be an integral part of the total school system. Academic achievement must remain the number one concern of the student, coach, and administrator (Education First).

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