-College, Career, and Military Readiness-

  • College Ready

    • Meet criteria of 3 or higher on AP examinations or 4 on IB exams

    • Meet TSI criteria in reading AND math using SAT, ACT, /TSIA2, or College Prep Course (combinations are allowed)

    • Complete a course for dual credit

      • 3 hours or more in ELAR or mathematics, OR,

      • 9 hours or more in any subject/s

    • Earn an Associate Degree

    • Complete an OnRamps course in any subject and earn college credit

  • Career Ready

    • Earn an industry-based certification (IBC)

    • *CTE coherent sequence coursework completion and credit aligned with approved IBCs

    • Earn a Level 1 or Level II certificate

    • Graduate with completed IEP and workforce readiness with graduation type codes 04,05,54, or 55 

    • Graduate under an advanced degree plan and identified as a current special education student


    1. 2024 Graduates-new & old IBC list plus 1 Level 2 course in aligned program of study*

    2. *2025 Graduates- new & old IBC list plus Concentrator in aligned program of study**

    3. *2026 + Graduates- new IBC list plus Completer in aligned program of study***


    *One course that is level two or higher.

    **Two or more courses for at least two credits in the same POS.

    ***Three or more courses for four or more credits, including one level three or level four course in the same POS.


    January 2023 Update:  beginning with 2023 ratings, the per campus % of graduates who only meet CCMR via a sunsetting IBC will be limited to 20% of that graduating class (applied within Student Achievement and School Progress Part B). 

  • Military Ready

    • Enlist in the US Armed Forces and submit the DD Form 4 documentation

  • For more information regarding CCMR please contact the counselor or CCMR coordinator at your campus.