Midland on the Move


Every Midland child deserves a great school in their neighborhood that meets their individual needs and maximizes their potential. Every student in our district is unique and deserves a 21st century education system that provides a high‐quality, enriched learning environment to meets those unique needs.

Midland ISD is seeking to transform the district through a public-private partnership with local businesses, community and philanthropic leaders. We believe this approach will accelerate what is possible for our students, families, parents and our community by creating an education system that meets the needs of every Midland family.

Midland on the Move is our bold, student-centered transformation effort to make this a reality as we pursue becoming a System of Great Schools district by 2027.

How will we make this happen? Below are our four priorities that make up our Midland on the Move work.

The thriving economic conditions in our region have created significant need to expand and improve Midland’s infrastructure to support the growing community. Midland ISD is projecting an increase of approximately 10,000 students by school year 2027-2028.

Midland ISD has re-envisioned our role as a district to be both an authorizer and facilitator of high-quality public schools. Our role is to ensure that every child has access to a high-quality education in Midland by increasing the number of high-quality seats. Success at the end of our 5-10 year plan would be 1) a diverse, high performing set of schools, 2) 21st Century learning facilities for all students, and 3) re-envisioning of talent in the region.

We are listening and learning from you to discover your needs, and we will together to transform our schools and district.

We are focusing on the academic process to build rigorous standards and develop quality teaching.

We will know our schools with a common definition of school quality and systems to create innovative school options for our community.

We are redesigning our central office to focus on customer service, providing more quality resources for our schools, and bringing top teaching talent to Midland.

WHYEvery Midland child deserves a great school, in their neighborhood that meets their individual needs and maximizes their potential.

WHATMidland on the Move is our bold, student-centered transformation plan to make this a reality.

HOWMidland on the Move enables us to work with other districts pursuing the same goal of creating a "great school" for every child. This innovative thinking will lead to developing better educational options.