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All students will graduate prepared and ready for college or career.


    Carver Center is an elementary school for identified gifted and talented students. Our primary focus is to create the very best learning environment for the unique needs of GT students. We continually strive to be a school for GT students, not of GT students. Providing a rich learning environment that challenges gifted students to maximize their unique potential is at the forefront of all curricular and campus decisions.Through the promotion of scholarly behavior, depth and complexity in learning, creation of concern for others, stimulation of critical and independent thinking skills, and development of effective communication skills, we will reach this goal. Utilizing personalized learning models, Carver Center students take responsibility for their own progress and understand that their voice has an impact on not only their current learning, but eventually the world in which they will reside as citizens.

    Students at Carver Center have access to multiple avenues of technology to enhance their learning. They participate in accelerated and enriched learning based on their individual abilities, personalized choices and progress. Opportunities exist for students to explore their diverse interests and talents, including robotics, community service, STEM, art, gardening and more. Destination Imagination provides an opportunity for all students to grow in their ability to problem solve, work as a team, think critically and build leadership and communication skills.

    Carver Through the Decades - Honoring the 50th Anniversary of the last graduating class of Carver High School, Class of 1968

    Carver High School Song - Sung by Carver High School Alumni


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