• Midland Independent School District
    Special Services Department
    615 W. Missouri Ave. Suite 503
    Special Services  
         What's so SPECIAL about Special Services?
    In the Midland Independent School District, we believe that all children are entitled to educational opportunities consistent with their ability to learn. The Special Services Department of Midland ISD provides a comprehensive educational program for students with disabilities from birth through age twenty-one. A free, appropriate public education is offered through the provision of special programs and related services designed to meet the unique needs of a child with a disability.
    Mission:  To provide instructional and support services to students in special populations to ensure they have the best possible opportunity to be successful and productive students. 
    Vision:  Special Services personnel of MISD strive to provide a seamless service delivery system that will assist students to develop skills that will enable them to participate successfully in society by improving self-esteem and confidence in learning and social situations. 
    All Children can learn