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Parents and students,

Bus numbers and routes are changing frequently please check MISD web page for updated information.  

On Wednesday, August 27th, as your Midland Freshman student arrives to school there will be rosters posted on the front windows with your son or daughter’s 1st period class.

School starts at 8:40 a.m.

Students who have a 1st period class at Midland High School will stay at Midland Freshman on the first day of school.  They will report to the cafeteria.  If they have a class off campus, it will reflect on their schedule in the following manner:

Midland High School – “M” with the room number.  For example: M212

Bone Yard – BYD

City of Midland Aquatics Center – COM    

Memorial Stadium – FLD

Tennis Courts at MHS – TC

Youth Center at MHS – YC

At their 1st period class, they will pick up their schedule, picture ID and forms to be completed by the parent and returned.

Any forms you received please complete, sign and send with your son or daughter on the 2nd day of school and have them turn it in to their 2nd period teacher.   

For lunch, parents are allowed to drop off food or money for their son’s or daughter’s lunch.  Parents are NOT allowed to drop off food or money for other students.   We will not interrupt class time to notify students.  Please make it aware to your son or daughter that lunch will be brought to them prior to the school day.  Be sure you drop off your son’s or daughter’s lunch no later than five minutes from the start of their lunch time.  

If your student has an 8th period class at Midland High, they will be transported to Midland High for their 8th period class starting the first day of school.   


Midland Freshman High School Mission Statement 

Midland Freshman staff and parents will prepare students to be lifelong learners and productive citizens. We will support students to ensure academic success and guide students to pursue their educational calling.