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Friday, March 27, 2015
1st period       8:40 - 9:40
 Pep Rally      9:44 - 10:17
2nd Period   10:21 - 11:10
3rd Period    11:14 - 12:03 
4th Lunch    12:03 - 12:33
5th Class     12:37 - 1:26 
4th Class     12:07 - 12:56 
5th Lunch    12:56 -  1:26 
6th Period       1:30 - 2:19 
7th Period       2:23 - 3:12
8th Period       3:16 - 4:05 
On Monday, March 30th, your Midland Freshman student will be taking the STAAR English 1 End of Course Exam. Your student must pass the STAAR English 1 End of Course in order to graduate from high school. Your student will need to be in their testing room by 8:40. Please make sure they arrive on time. If possible, please have your student keep their cell phone or any other electronic devices at home to prevent any testing irregularity and potentially having to invalidate the student’s test. Considering the exam is a five hour exam, we will be providing sack lunches in the testing room as well. If your student will be bringing their own lunch from home, please make sure they take it with them to their testing room. They won’t be allowed to go to their locker to get it once testing has begun. We will also not be accepting lunches to be dropped off during testing. Students who have off campus 1st and 8th periods will not attend on Monday.
Bell Schedule for Monday, March 30th
STAAR English 1 End of Course Exam
8:34 Students will report their testing room.
Testing rooms will be posted in the cafeteria foyer.
Off campus students will report to Midland Freshman.
8:40 – 2:30 Exam Time
Lunch will be held in the testing room.
Students will stop testing to take a supervised lunch.
Students will remain in their testing room for the duration of the day.
4:05 End of school day
Tuesday, March 31st, we will return to the following bell schedule.
1st Period 8:40 – 9:47
2nd Period 9:51 – 10:45
3rd Period 10:49 – 11:43
4th Lunch 11:43 – 12:13
5th Class 12:17 – 1:11
4th Class 11:47 – 12:41
5th Lunch 12:41 – 1:11
6th Period 1:15 – 2:09
7th Period 2:13 – 3:07
8th Period 3:11 – 4:05
- Wednesday, April 1st, students who have 1st period off campus will NOT attend their 1st period class due to testing at Midland High School. Students will report to the Midland Freshman cafeteria. 8th period off campus classes will resume as normal.


Midland Freshman High School Mission Statement 

Midland Freshman staff and parents will prepare students to be lifelong learners and productive citizens. We will support students to ensure academic success and guide students to pursue their educational calling. 



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