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Parent Portal  

                                                               WELCOME TO txCONNECT

The parent portal application, txConnect, provides parents and guardians web access to school related information about your students grades, attendance and much more in conjunction with the teacher grade book application, txGradebook, to ensure that you have access to the information you need. Parents must have acquired a Portal Id upon registering for a txConnect account. 


                                            txConnect offers the following:

 ■ Registration and Login  ■ Student Summary  
 ■ Attendance       ■ Grades
 ■ Assignments  ■ Immunizations
 ■ Assessments ■ Alerts Subscriptions 
 ■ My Account Settings

If you have any questions or concerns about txConnect, please contact your campus administrator first.
After that contact, you may contact the department of Information Management Services at (432) 240-1250 or 1251.