txConnect is the new online portal for parents and students to access online grades.  Grades are only updated at 12:00 and 5:00 daily.  

"Teacher A" enters grades and/or corrections during her 2:00 conference period.   Updated information seen by parents before 12:00 pm will be different than the average seen at 5:00.  

If Teacher B is entering grades in the evening, then grade updates will not be seen until after 12:00 pm the following day.)
The following steps will need to be taken in order to provide access to txConnect for parents/guardians.  These steps are to protect the data of your student's personal information.  This is a one-time requirement for the duration of your child's enrollment in Midland ISD.

1.  A waiver form will need to be signed off and presented by the parent/guardian to the designated office staff at each campus. The waiver form is also available at:  insert link

2.  Upon receipt of the signed waiver by the campus designee, the parent/guardian will receive their portal ID and instructions to access the online grade system.

We appreciate your patience during this change in systems.

If you have any questions or concerns about txConnect, please contact your campus administrator first.
After that contact, you may contact the department of Information Management Services at 689-1945.