Since 1955, Benjamin Rush Milam Elementary has been a part of the Midland Independent School District. The Milam community has had three or four generations be part of the student body.  There is a long history of pride here at Ben Milam Elementary school.
Our school vision:  Milam Elementary students will be self-motivated, productive, life-long learners responsible to themselves, their families, and their communities.
We are the MUSTANGS!
M - Motivated
U - Uncompromising quality
S - Sincerity
T - Tremendous effort
A - Academic excellence
N - Never quit
G - Goal oriented
S - Special
The Milam administration and staff have high expectations for the academic achievement of all of our students.  Our goals are extremely high for the 2013-2014 school year.  We love what we do and we love our kids!  With the help of our parents and community, we can more than reach our goals. 
Visitors and volunteers are always welcome on the Ben Milam campus! 
The Texas Education Agency

Please call 689-1470 if you have any questions or concerns.

 The Mustang Promise
Each day I'll do my best,
And I won't do any less.
My work will always please me,
and I won't accept a mess.
I'll work and study carefully,
my writing will be neat.
And I simply won't be happy,
'till my schoolwork is complete.
I'll always do my homework,
And I'll try on every test.
And I won't forget my promise,
to do my very best!


  • Milam School Supply List - 2013-2014

    1 napping mat (1 to 1 1/2 inches thick)
    1 package glue sticks
    1 box baby wipes
    1 bottle hand sanitizer
    1 box tissue (Kleenex)
    1 box of quart zip-lock bags
    1 supply box (caja)
    2 bottles of glue (pegaduras)
    3 spirals, 70 pp (cuademos)
    1 24 ct. crayons (crayones)
    1 pair scissors (tijeras)
    2 pkg. #2 pencils (lapices)
    2 boxes of tissue (Kleenex)
    1 bottle (large) hand sanitizer
    1 pink eraser
    1 refillable water bottle (optional)
    First Grade
    2 bottles hand sanitizer
    2 boxes of tissue (Kleenex)
    2 pkg. #2 pencils
    1 box of crayons
    1 pkg. colored pencils
    1 pkg. washable colored markers
    1 bottle of glue
    2 spiral notebooks
    1 pkg. notebook paper
    1 Ziplock bags
    3 folders with brads
    1 pair scissors
    1 supply box
    2 glue sticks
    Second Grade
    3 pkg. #2 pencils
    1 box 16 ct. crayons
    4 glue sticks
    2 bottles hand sanitizer
    4 composition books
    5 spirals (70 pp.)
    5 folders with brads
    2 boxes tissue (Kleenex)
    2 pkg. wide ruled paper
    1 ruler
    1 pair scissors
     1 school supply box
    1 2-inch binder
    1 box Ziplock bags (gallon)
    1 box Ziploc bags (quart)
    Third Grade
    5 composition books
    3 folders with brads
    1 pkg. colored pencils
    1 pair scissors (sharp point)
    2 boxes tissue (Kleenex)
    1 pkg. washable markers
    4 large glue sticks
    4 pkg. #2 pencils
    1 1-inch 3-ring binder
    1 box 24 ct. crayons
    1 pkg. 3x5 lines index cards
    Notebook paper
    Fourth Grade
    2 pkg. #2 pencils (no mechanical)
    Ink Pens:  blue or black, red
    1 pkg. colored pencils
    1 pkg. crayons
    1 pink eraser
    5 spirals (different colors)
    3 folders
    2 pkg. notebook paper
    pencil sharpener
    1 pkg.  3x5 index cards
    1 pair scissors
    2 glue sticks
    2 large boxes tissue (Kleenex)
    Fifth Grade
    4 composition notebooks
    1 pkg. washable markers
    2 pkg. #2 pencils
    1 pkg. highlighters
    2 pkg. 3x5 index cards
    4 pkg. noetbook paper
    1 bottle hand sanitizer
    1 box tissue (Kleenex)
    Sixth Grade
    1 3-inch 3-ring binder
    Notebook paper
    1 pkg. colored pencils
    1 pair scissors
    1 pkg. #2 pencils
    2 3-subject spirals
    black or blue ink pens
    1 pkg. 24 ct. crayons
    pencil sharpener
    1 composition book
    post-it notes
    1 bottle hand sanitizer
    1 box tissue (Kleenex)
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  • Milam Uniforms
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