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Mission Statement

Viola M. Coleman High School provides students an educational alternative to the traditional classroom.
Our students will accelerate their high school education in this supportive alternative environment to achieve high school graduation.

Vision Statement

At Coleman High School, every student will maximize their potential in:

academics, awareness of value in themselves and others, civic awareness and involvement, and lifelong learning.

Value Statement

"You can be anything you want to be if you are willing to pay the price for success"

- Dr. Viola M. Coleman


Increase Performance for ALL Students
Close the Achievement Gap
Provide a Safe Learning Environment


Parent Portal

* Parents will need to sign and return the waiver form available at Coleman High, or they can download the form from the MISD website. The txConnect parent information and waiver form can be found on the Parents/Links site under txConnect Information. This is a brand new system so if you signed a form last year, you will need to fill out the new form for txConnect.
*Parents must sign and return the waiver form to the campus in order to receive the portal id for their student(s).
    *Campus administration must verify and sign off that the parent listed on the waiver form is identified in iTCCS on the Parent/Guardian screen.

"The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives."

Robert M. Hutchins

What is a Knight

     A Knight has a strong attraction to knighthood and chivalry. Both the title and the rite-of-passage it represents is a core need that today's society no longer meets, despite its technological wealth and myriad distractions..                                    

    What is that need?

    It focuses on self-identity. Generally speaking, young men and women inherently need to be recognized as people of value and accomplishment by their community. The title of knight provides just this kind of recognition. In most cultures, and throughout history, the passage from boy-to-man, girl-to-woman meant more than just a matter of age and physical development. It meant earning the status of being a "man or woman," someone who represents the very best values of one's community.

    While this suggests that morality is something bequeathed by one's culture, there is another way to perceive it. The ideals might very well be innate. If that is so, the culture's responsibility is to nourish and direct their development.

    If the ideals are innate, that would explain the subliminal connection we feel, even when the culture fails to recognize them, and our lives run in different directions.

    Basically, when we allow ourselves to feel it, we have individual and cultural needs to take our place as responsible, capable people.  Knighthood encapsulates this idea, offering both a code and an example of what it means. It honors and shapes our warrior spirit in positive directions, and provides a title that carries obligations of commitment. What else do we have that systematically performs this function?

    With all this in mind, today's knight should be someone who carries specific purpose and meaning in life, which extends itself to the well-being of others.

    Some of the variations of knighthood represent such people. Others do not. The question we face is what knighthood means to us.

    It is an updated code of chivalry designed to guide and nurture fundamental ideals that most of us have already. One of its most important concepts has to do with freedom. Today's knight must be a product of his own expectations, not someone else's. While he may serve the welfare of others, he is not their slave. He sees the world as it is, rather than catering to illusion. His beliefs are tried and true. He replaces stale thoughts with fresh thinking, and looks upon life as a serious quest for truth and goodness.




    MONDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2016


    TUESDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2016



    PERIOD 1 CLASS 8:40-9:40

    PERIOD 2 CLASS 9:43-10:45

    ***MAKE-UP      10:45-12:45  --- Students may attend any course needing completion

    *BUS ROUTES    10:45


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    Be part of Coleman High School's PTSA.  Parents and students are encouraged to join the PTSA.  Membership forms are available in the school office.
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    We are looking forward to a Great Year.   If you are interested in a unique, different, self paced, environment where you are a name not a number Coleman High School may be the place for you.  Stop by and visit.  Read through our application.  If you would like to apply to attend Coleman High School fill out the application and call the school at 689-5000 to set up an appointment for an interview.  We look forward to serving the entire Midland School District and providing students unique and innovative instruction.
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