Dear Future Employer and Robotic Supports,

I’m writing on behalf of the Engineering Design and Problem solving class at Robert E. Lee High School. Our curriculum centers around careers in planning, managing, providing scientific research and professional/technical services (e.g., physical science, social science, and engineering) including laboratory and testing services, and research and development services. We need your support for supplies for the First Tech Challenge Robotic Competition our class has entered.

We have received a grant for $2000 from the Texas Work Commission to help start two robotic teams. The teams will compete in the FTC Robot Competition. These funds paid for the basic kit, but we need between $2000 and $3000 addition funds to help purchase more Tetrix robot completion components that were not supplied in the robotic kit.  The regional competition will be Feb 4, 2012. We do not have much time to finish. The competition gives each team just 6 weeks to build a robot. Please feel free to come by anytime and see what each Robotic Team has designed and the team’s progress.


We would appreciate any donation; even a small donation in our eyes is a big donation in the long run. The donations we collect will help purchase parts and accessories for each team. Since this is the first year for Robert E. Lee High School to participate in the FTC competition, these parts will be used for this year’s team as well as for future teams.


Your generous donation will be publicly acknowledged on our website and placed on the robot. Each team will have Team T-shirts showing you are our sponsor through your company logo or family name. We feel you are a huge benefit to the students who are participating in the event as well as Robert E. Lee High School. Each donation is tax deductable. Donations can be made to Robert E. Lee High School; 3500 Neely Ave.; Midland, Texas 79707; Attn. Robotics.

To learn more about our group and our event, please contact Mr. Alan Pitkin at (432)697-5863 or visit our website. Team #1 at Team #2 at

Thank you for your time and consideration of our request. We look forward to receiving your donation.


Alan Pitkin- Engineering Teacher