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        Mrs. Nuñez 
         Mrs. Nunez

I have been working with MISD for 30 years.  I love teaching and I've been here at Travis for 4 years.  I enjoy teaching Read 180.  It's a 90 minute Instructional Model 20 minutes whole group instruction and 60 minutes of 20 minutes small group rotation between small-group instruction with Read 180 Teachers Edition and rBook, 20 minutes Modeled and Independent Reading with Read 180 Audiobooks and paperbacks and 20 minutes of Instructional Software with Read 180 Topic Software. 10 minutes whole group wrap-up.  I also work with small-group with guided Reading.  My goal is to help every student understand and comprehend what they read in order to achieve great success in school and in life. 
 Contact Information
Campus Phone: (432) 689-1560
Conference Time: 1:45-2:30

About My Groups
Students will learn to use reading strategies to deepen their understanding of what they have read.  Each day we will focus on a certain strategy.  They will have the opportunity to participate in discussing the story and answering questions.  Each student has a folder or a spiral to keep up with stories and graphic organizers, they also have a list of their own personal Reading Strategies that they will reveiw before reading.  Sometimes they will have some reading work that I want them to share with their parents and have it signed and returned.

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